• Guest bloggers

Please email with post a minimum of 8 sentences, and include pictures or video pertaining to your post. Include GB in subject line. Natural hair, beauty, and style ideas are welcome, if you come up with an article that you think might be of interest do not hesitate to send it over. All post must be original and written by you. Below are the topics to post too.

Style How to’s, provide pics

Product Reviews, let us know is it a flop or a must have

Video Tutorials, regimen, styles, natural hair care, you tell us

Beauty Guides, makeup tips and ideas include pics

Mix- OLogy, What all natural products have you made?

  • Natural Hair Journeys

TELL US YOUR STORY! Why did you decide to become natural? How was transitioning for you? What have you learned since becoming natural? Is there anything you want people to know who are interested in becoming natural? What is your regimen? Fav Products??  Please answer these questions, also be sure to submit progress pictures with dates. In subject line submit NHJ

  • Natural Hair Questions for J’Mia 

Sometimes being natural can be frustrating, because it is a learning process that you have to go through. Please feel free to submit any natural hair question to  Le Coiffure Society. Not only will I answer them they will posted on the website for others to answer.



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